System Commissioning

In security for your home, business or larger environment, system commissioning is one of the most important parts of any security installation.  It gives the customer complete reassurance that the IP security system has all the functionality and requirements as specified originally. It also evidences that the installation is completely secure and conforms to standard safety standards.

At Fouracre Systems Ltd, quality control and the final testing will always be carried out by one of our senior specialists. In the United Kingdom, all CCTV systems must have a Certificate of Conformity to ensure that video evidence gathered by CCTV cameras is considered admissible in court. In addition police forces across the UK must have conformity for giving out URNs. Insurance  companies often require official certification too. And there can be implications with regard to the Data Protection Act also, so professional system commissioning is essential to ensure that your security system, whatever size,  meets all legal requirements.

System Optimisation

Many of our customers like to change settings after using their system, we can revisit your project as part of our commissioning process and make any changes to the system to suit your requirements.

Health checks

If required we can also perform specialised health checks on current IP security systems and give recommendations based upon our findings. Once your system has had a health check, we can provide user training, and system configuration. Additionally we can provide ongoing technical support and commissioning as well as system maintenance.