Value Added Resellers Of CCTV Systems & IP Security

Fouracre staff have a solid history of being involved in security and IT for over 20 years. Our company started with the demise of Controlware Communications, an IP CCTV services provider, and also includes work as security and installation engineers with national and global electronic security companies. We are certified Genetec value added resellers and are authorised to sell their high end security products globally, this product can be bought from us and installed easily. Fouracre provides everything that you need for a complete security and surveillance system. We know that one system does not fit all needs, so we will work with you to customise a security system to suit what you need.

As resellers of the industry leading Genetec IP security systems including CCTV systems,  and Access Control solutions, Fouracre has an extensive and specialised knowledge of IT communications networks and delivery of CCTV cameras, encoders, CCTV Video Management Software and video content analytics systems. Custom security packages can be tailored to your video security requirements. We provide a high standard of services ranging from product advice, consultancy and supply as well as systems design, commissioning, project maintenance and installation.

Twenty Years History in IT and Security

Fouracre has accumulated much experience in the design and delivery of cost effective, reliable IP networks. We like to take what we have learnt from our history in IT and security and use our skills and knowledge to help with every part of the process of making your business as secure as possible. Whether it is for your small business or for CCTV security to make your town a safer place, we have the hardware and the software to make your IT communications network do exactly what you want.

Fouracre offers customised solutions for applications such as IT Security, Storage and Video Surveillance systems to suit any size of business or project. If you want to be completely sure of your IP CCTV system, let Fouracres’s history of over 20 years in IT security guide your way towards a safer, more secure future, where you have control over your own custom IT security network.