Fouracre Ongoing Support

Fouracre Systems Ltd provides high end technical ongoing support services to ensure that all of our customers are able to maintain the products that we supply. Let us help with installation, as we have expertise in internet protocols, networking, IP surveillance, Voip standards and product specific configuration. We will assist you to set up, configure, maintain and troubleshoot any of our products to ensure that your security system works smoothly and without hassle.

We offer a yearly support package tailored to your business or project, whatever the size and location. Fouracre’s yearly package includes ongoing support when any issue arises with equipment, as well as technical support for configuring or installing any of our products. This technical support can be online or onsite, depending on what the issue is. We always have an engineer on hand to deal with any issues as and when required. Every customer has their own comfort levels with modern technology. With over 20 years in the industry, we know that some customers enjoy the security of having someone to hand who can help them troubleshoot any issues.

As official resellers of Genetec security products, we have the training and expertise to stop any issue in its tracks.  This ensures that you as a valued customer have peace of mind when you buy any of our IP security products. Our ongoing support package can be customised to suit your project or business and includes:

  • System design and engineering support
  • System configuration and remote management
  • Product management
  • On-site service and support
  • Data integration knowledge

Whether it is for a one camera video security system or many cameras over different geographic locations, Fouracre Systems Ltd has you covered. Call or email us now to look at your options for fuss free, specialised ongoing support for your CCTV security system.