System Design

We are the UK experts in network attached surveillance cameras and security systems.
Let Fouracre take care of your system design, whether you need one IP camera or an integrated security system, we will design a rock solid security system to suit your project, however large or small it is. With over 20 years in the security and IT industry, we will help with consulting and technical advice to make sure that you buy the right IP camera system for your needs. Fouracre is in the unique position of being able to provide extensive consultancy services to all of our clients and partners because we know the IT networking world inside out, and have the operational and technical knowhow to implement any CCTV system.

We will ensure that all of the technical equipment and software fits seamlessly together to give you the security system that your business needs. It pays to be safe these days, and our team have up to date information at their fingertips to help you crack down on crime. We will be happy to help you get everything that you need from CCTV cameras to the appropriate software, and we will help you with installation.

Specialised CCTV and IT technical knowledge and years of experience lies at the heart of Fouracre’s consultancy services. Fouracre links the IT and CCTV worlds to deliver an in depth analysis of all the many options that are available for your business or project. Fouracre can help with the following issues:

  • CCTV design
  • Site surveys
  • Camera positioning
  • CCTV migration from analogue to IP
  • CCTV product selection
  • CCTV system building
  • IP Video Multicasting
  • IP Video bandwidths
  • Integrated security systems – CCTV, access control, ANPR etc.

CCTV System Design from Fouracre can be customised to fit your needs, contact us for an informal chat about your security requirements.